Chef António Alexandre leads Cusine 4.0 by Bluegrowth. 

This new business line was created to fullfill the the mission of generating value in the food industry by introducing methods and technologies that promote the processing and transformation of the most abundant fish and algae species off our coast.

Custódia Rebocho, President of Bluegrowth, points out that

“we live in a society that is strongly oriented to the opportunities of digitization, in almost everything. Nowadays, food, technology and health constitute an inseparable trilogy. There is already an attentive and demanding consumer with the issues that affect the planet. And it is in this sense that we make a commitment in which the symbiosis between technology and the use of endogenous fish species allows for a healthy diet with less environmental impact”.

Chef António Alexandre adds that

“Scientific developments in the food industry have resulted in significant increases in the productivity and adaptability of goods as market needs arise. These disruptions have given rise to new techniques of preparation, computerization and quality control which must be put at the service of the recovery of fishery and aquaculture products.”

The technological component of this new line of business seeks to respond to technological and market trends and to the emergence of a more responsible use of the seas and oceans. 

The focus of this team is to develop the productive base necessary for the sustainable use of what we produce or capture at sea.