The Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) approves Foodlab promoted by the Portuguese Government following the consequences of climate change on the productive value chain and food processing.

Led by BGI Accelerator - Building Global Innovator Foodlab will be located in Idanha-a-Nova, where it will foster a context of promotion of the circular economy in industrial symbiosis, aiming at the development of sustainable models of food production.

Bluegrowth´s Contribuition

This laboratory will draw on the experience and technologies developed by Bluegrowth, both in the context of the productive optimization of aquaculture productions and the autonomous management of bioprocesses of so-called blue biotechnologies. These are technologies developed in the context of the blue economy that will be put to the test in the emerging paradigms of the green economy.

Foodlab's work will start from September onwards, with an agenda of events and workshops that seek to raise civil society's awareness of the impact of food production activity.

Custódia Rebocho, Bluegrowth's President, says

"integration into this collaborative lab represents a milestone in the philosophy of social and environmental responsibility that underlies Bluegrowth's business model. We have invested a lot in developing knowledge and technology that contributes to intelligent water management and the mitigation of environmental impacts of anthropogenic activities.”