Ground Zero Project has the support of Fundo Azul and provides industry 4.0 approach for aquaculture applications with a view to environmental sustainability and economic growth.

Due the global growth of population and the depletion of food supplies, we believe Aqualculture is the answer. It can be more eficient than any other livestock approach, because it has a higher conversion ratio.

The Problem

The water management is a challenging complex process, that cannot relie on simple human observation. The aquaculture managers must be able to manage several independ systems, integrating them and keeping them working together as one.

The Solution

Our solution rests upon 4 technological disruptions, such as Iot (to enable smart sensing integration), Artificial Intelligence (to enhance the prediction capacity on water quality), Cloud Computing and Robotics (to empower human intervention). 

Bluegrowth´s solution allows, in a unique platform, to manage water quality and to provide smart decision support, using artificial intelligence and automation capacities and reducing human dependency.

In the end, we have a solution running anywhere, through a web interface and also ready to be used on manny different devices.