Invited by DGPM, Bluegrowth was part of a mission to Norway in the framework of the “Nor-Shipping 2019 ” which was hold in Oslo from 4th to 7th of June.

Under the umbrela of "Blue Economy Portugal" stand, Bluegrowth presented, to one of the world's largest maritime economy events, the best things that are being done with technological innovation in Portugal, in enhancing and preserving the blue economy.

A world of opportunities

We had the opportunity to introduce modern information and communication solutions, new digital services and research techniques to consultancy services to help consolidate business, all this with inclusive, safer, smarter and greener operations.

Our main goals

The main goal of the participation was to find local distributors for our IoT solutions and, at the same time, to find Norwegian partners to jointly participate in innovation projects to address the challenges of aquaculture process automation and offshore infrastructures maintenance.

Our value proposition

For its part, Bluegrowth provides cutting-edge solutions using robotics, electronics, automation and decision support systems to meet the challenges of water quality maintenance, bioprocess automation and underwater inspections.

Sustainability, Process Efficiency and Smart Resource Management challenges are addressed by the cutting-edge solutions presented by Bluegrowth during this relevant tradeshow.