Our value it is made of


The climate change, the digital revolution and the transition for a low carbon economy move us as the tide moves the oceans.

Hugo Metelo Diogo

Executive Director

Quadruple helix stakeholder engagement is a central factor in the Living Lab where our services and solutions are built and enhanced.

We develop our activity under a creative process established with two principles in mind...


Multiple users in the creation process.


Real-world as a living lab to test ideas.

Our inclusive creative process brings together public institutions, private organisations, academia and citizens, producing results from which everyone can benefit.


We build we build innovation following a sistematic research process.


We share our expertise through engineering and consulting services


We fulfill challenging ambitions with innovative technological solutions.

With a multidisciplinary team with expertise from the social sciences to the most emergent areas of engineering, we generate value with our clients and partners in sharing knowledge through our consulting, engineering and inspection services.

The values we share


The problems we solve


Empathizing with your needs, problems and dreams give power and energy each other to find the right solutions and achive the desirable goals.

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